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How did I do?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Over the last month I’ve had a few things go wrong. Nothing major, although it felt like it at the time. However it was draining and demoralising. Illness in the family, bikes being stolen and finally, last week, our travel money was stolen at the airport.

This week couldn’t be more different, a total contrast. An amazing safari in South Africa with my husband Dave. We had close encounters with African wild life, met some amazing people and had the opportunity to teach an impromptu yoga session in the bush at our safari lodge. A life long ambition was achieved. Thank you Viva Safari

In total contrast again, I’m now preparing to deliver a wellbeing session followed by a yoga session, via zoom, from my lovely hotel room.

What an amazing world we live in and how fortunate am I to have the opportunity to do these things.

The last few weeks have been a good lesson in practicing what I preach. Many of my workshops are about how you can change your mind-set about your work, your life, what is happening to you. Challenging unhelpful thoughts and being compassionate with ourselves in order to improve our mental wellbeing, our relationship with work and the world around us.

So how did I do? Overall I think I did pretty well.

Was I upset and worried when things were going wrong? Yes.

Did I manage to keep it in proportion? Most of the time.

Am I profoundly grateful to be having this amazing experience in South Africa? ABSOLUTELY!

You may be having difficulties right now or everything may be fine but why not take a moment to think about what is good in your life right now.

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