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Menopause Friendly Workplaces

Menopause Champions

A one day training course designed to empower and educate individuals about the menopause journey and enable them to become the in-house workplace Menopause Champions.

Led by experts in the field, the course aims to provide valuable insights, practical tips, and support for helping people to navigate this significant life stage.

During the course you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of menopause symptoms, hormonal changes, and available treatment options.

  • Discover effective management of a range of symptoms in the workplace.

  • Explore how to hold menopause conversations in the workplace.

  • Discuss options for reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

  • Learn how to run awareness campaigns and deliver a short menopause talk.

  • Signposting to appropriate professional help and information.

After attending you will receive:

  • A certificate.

  • A resource pack.

  • Ongoing access to a regularly updated menopause resource page on The Wellness Project website.

To book a place on our next open access course please go to our events page. If you would like to book an in house course please get in touch.

Changing the narrative

A balanced view of managing the menopause at work- a workshop for employees

Did you know there are over thirty symptoms of the menopause?

Often when we talk about the menopause its all doom and gloom. In this interactive workshop we will present a more balanced view

In this 90 minute workshop employees will get the opportunity to learn more about the menopause, support and changes available as well as exploring the positives.

An essential course for employees of all ages and genders

Menopause for Managers

Essential information and tools for HR professionals and people managers- a half day workshop

Employment law is changing regarding how employees should be supported in the workplace.

Do your HR professionals and managers know how to support employees going through this stage of their life and career?

If not, your company could lose valuable and experienced employees and be vulnerable to employment tribunal.

By investing in this workshop your managers will gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to support employees in the workplace

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