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Yoga and Mindfulness

Focused on Wellness

Everyone can enjoy and benefit from Yoga. We have worked with people from the age of 5 to 85, a range of chronic illness and disabilities right through to athletes. 

Yoga is great for physical and mental health, building flexibility, strength, balance, releasing stress and calming the mind.

It can be done sat in a chair, on a mat or standing and we adapt each class the needs of the participants. 

All our sessions are warm, welcoming and informal.  Within classes; asanas (poses) are demonstrated at a number of levels to suit all abilities and can be adapted to the needs of individual participants. Each session, incudes, asanas, pranayama (breathing and energy control) and at the end of the class either a guided relaxation or mindfulness exercise. 

When undertaken regularly Mindfulness has a range of proven beneficial effects in terms of people’s ability to cope with stress and life events. We offer mindfulness as a stand-alone activity or as part of our Yoga sessions.

Our Range of Yoga Sessions

Choose which type of class suits you.

One-to-One Yoga Sessions

Great for building confidence, exploring what is possible for you and improving technique

Yoga and Mindfulness for Community Groups

Bespoke classes to you requirements for people of all abilities

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Workplace

30-60 minute sessions before or after work or at lunchtime, or 20 min desk yoga sessions aimed at teaching employees how to prevent physical problems caused by sitting at desks.

Affordable Yoga and Walking Retreats

Get away from it all and spend time at our relaxing, mindful retreats. Dates TBC.

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Inclusive Approach

Yoga for all backgrounds, ages and abilities

The Wellness Project founder Marie Graham says: "I believe yoga is for everyone no matter what level of fitness, age or ability. 
"As well as my open access yoga group and yoga for the workplace sessions,  I am currently running regular yoga sessions for people with Multiple Sclerosis, a women’s group for Farsi and Arabic speakers and a group for people who have learning disabilities. 
"I have also run yoga and mindfulness sessions for an Age UK centre, for people with chronic health conditions and for a community group in a deprived area of Greater Manchester."

"We are sometimes challenged for space at work – no biggie! Marie adapts her delivery accordingly. She differentiates within sessions, modelling loads of different ways to go deeper into postures."

“Marie is a very encouraging and attentive yoga teacher. For the past several months I have been attending lunchtime classes hosted in our office. I would highly recommend Marie to any businesses/workplaces. Her sessions are paced brilliantly to reflect the fact we are midway through a working day. I head back to my desk feeling revitalised. I find I concentrate better after the sessions and enjoy really productive afternoons!”

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Workplace Client

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Workplace Client

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